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Booktunes US registration – Thanks!

Booktunes USExactly a week ago I was at a loss, did not know what to do regarding the registration of the Booktunes brand name in the US. Although it was really necessary to do (the plans are in some serious people’s hand now, and without the registration I would also lose my US priority rights I acquired six months ago by registering in the Benelux) I did not want to borrow money again. A good friend came up with a marvelous idea…

‘Post a help message on your blog & facebook, I’ll be the first one to react and donate 50 euros!’. Just before passing the gates to the subway and not knowing when we would meet again John told me he would double the money If I would write the article that same night.

His mucho motivating gesture worked! Within 72 hours I received €205 plus I found a friend willing to jump in for the other money that was needed – as an investment so no borrowing. Pfew!

Hereby I would like to share some info on the people that helped the realization of the Big Booktunes Trek. Feel free to find out more about them by clicking the links:

John aka JSTAR is a wicked dj, producer and tour manager. Go find his mashups and thank him when you’re at a Major Lazor gig for taking care.

Ytje is a graphic artist. Her portfolio hold portraits of hip-hop underground star El-P as well as the writer drawings – or should I say paper cuts – on our website.

Gosse de Skater is a dj and a skater. Pretty wicked considering he is a scientist as well.

Joanna is a cool stage & event manager. We shared a bottle of whine @ Jay’s Notting Hill residence. A pretty good one.

Job runs AMS-IX, one of the fastest growing Internet Exchanges. Impressive! His wife is writer Mina Witteman, whom all readers should definitely keep in check.

Thanks again!



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Booktunes US – serious business – €1200 short

Easter Sunday I was happy to meet up with my good friend John Ayres aka JSTAR. He was in town managing Diplo on tour, so I checked them out at Amsterdam venue Melkweg… wicked! Today we met again to update each other with some bad planning: he already arranged to move to the EU mainland in June, while I set the 1st of August as a final date to move to the UK… Schade!

Always good to share your thoughts with like minds. Moombahton, Malcolm Gladwell, John’s girls, my wife, his beats, my beats, his laptop, mine – all good subjects. When I told him about the challenges I am facing according to the Booktunes project, John came up with a perfect solution.

For the past two years I have put a lot of work in Booktunes. The site is up, warmly welcomed as a promising next thing, we have a huge network of Booktunes contributors (writers, editors, designers, photographers, translators, tech wizards) ready to give it a go, and finally our plans reached some serious heavyweights in the business. This last thing is of vital importance because I am really willing to make Booktunes into a venture we all can gain from. You, the reader, me and my crew.

Because I registered ‘Booktunes’ in the Benelux 5.75 months ago, I now have one week left to register it in the US with retroactive effect. Because this week has only 4 working days, I have to register Booktunes in the US within 96 hours. That leaves 72 hours to get the first 1200 euros needed for the initial costs. If I fail to register… well maybe we should let the sleeping dogs lie.

John’s solution: ‘Put a message on your blog, your Facebook page, my Facebook page, any Facebook page, tell m! You should not let this pass, not at this point!!’
My thoughts: ‘Yeah I was four days away from letting it go, tired of trying to convince people Booktunes is a diamond in the ruff, feeling too proud to rely on my close friends and family (again)’.

Your thoughts? I am beggin’ here.. prideless with 72 hours counting down. We need €1200.

Booktunes says THANKS to all people helping us out on this one. I will keep you posted on the developments and any news regarding your donation. All supporters will receive a present. For questions about Booktunes or registering a product please feel free to send an email or give me a ring (+31614515496).

Thanks again!


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