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Literary Roadmap by Atlas Obscura

atlas-obscura-logo-a1a91ec8562f7df9cebb23b2e2fb2c96b9b82eb6ac2df4b665f8661382394bb4Atlas Obscura just published The Obsessively Detailed Map Of American Literature’s Most Epic Road Trips. Richard Kreitner and Steven Melendez did an amazing job mapping the routes 12 authors took with some of their greatest books.

From Mark Twain’s Roughing it (1872) to the more recent Wild (2012) by Cheryl Strayed, the map shows all stops tells what each writer wrote about it. I completely agree with Richard Kreitner’s thoughts on this project:

Most interestingly of all, for me at least, you can ruminate about what those differences say about American travel, American writing, American history.

I have been tinkering with a similar idea for a road map, and I am sure I will get back to this Atlas Obscura page quite often, and also very soon – the moment when Fitzgerald’s The Cruise of the Rolling Junk  drops on my doormat [amazon US | UK].

The Cruise of the Rolling Junk

What would be your favourite literature infused road trip? Anything fictional? The road is life!

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