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Booktunes Moviefood – Hell on Wheels

BT-Blog-Hell-on-Wheel-SoundtrackOn the verge of redeveloping Booktunes and ad more fields of interest to the Booktunes realm I bumped in to this great Hell on Wheels recipe!! To be honest, really I was looking for a Corn Likker dealer but thanks to Google I found this fab frontier dish. Yum!


Open fire expert Jessica tells us:

Cooking is more than just preparing food. Cooking from scratch is a food experience. For the past 10 years, I’ve been learning about cooking from vintage cookbooks, friends, and family.

Her foodie blog called A Pinch Here, A Dash There brings mouthwatering recipes like these Perfect Cacao Pancakes. As a visual bonus her friend Alexander Yerks is a great photographer inspired by Jessie’s cooking…

Bohannon Baked Beans by Alexander Yerks

.. and apparently a craftsman as he makes wooden cups that hold your likker! How about a new goal for 2013? Make your own cups.. goes purty damn well with my musical saw ambitions!

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Booktunes Series: Carnivàle – The Original Tunes

Living in Brighton wearing my workwear enjoying all retro things going on there while drinking a honey bear in my favourite pub called The Black Dove, I felt the urge to rewatch that great Carnivàle series. Amazed by all the good tunes I did a whole lotta diggin’ on the world wide web –  now it’s time for sharin’ on the Booktunes blog.

Most of the work had already been done by the sleeping Midway website, a site dedicated to the series so boorishly discontinued by HBO. It is still a great place to find info on all things Carnivàle and I would like to thank them for the incredible job they did! I took their list of tunes, reviewed it, collected the songs, added some, did all the iTunes tagging and uploaded a download for all cats ‘n alligators.

Since most tunes are in the public domain you should be ok sharing this amazing source of inspiration… Personal favourites in the Youtube vid above and the player below. Feel free to untick all organ tunes included for the sake of making this original soundtrack complete.


Season 2 coming up… Now let’s just hope the goons won’t bump us off!

I’ve got to leave now,


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