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Houellebecq’s Platform Photographised Pt.2

This is an update on the previous post about the Photographisation of Houellebecq’s daring and controversial Platform. Beautiful pictures by Dutch photographer Joep Neefjes tell the sad story written by Michel, enfant terrible de la littérature française. 

I am really glad to present these pictures here. After all recent media coverage of the Frenchman (he went ‘missing’), we should realise this particular art form really is all we need when it comes to authors & photos.

Houellebecq's Platform Photographised by Joep Neefjes page 20

Platform page 20

Houellebecq's Platform Photographised by Joep Neefjes page 66

Platform page 66

Houellebecq's Platform Photographised by Joep Neefjes page 187

Platform page 187

Houellebecq's Platform Photographised by Joep Neefjes page 197

Platform page 197

Houellebecq's Platform Photographised by Joep Neefjes page 265

Platform Page 265

The book is still a bit hard to find, try Ludion Publishers to find out where this book is available.


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Houellebecq’s Platform Photographised

For the Booktunes website are always looking for pictures to illustrate the combination of books ‘n music we push. For the soundtrack to Keith Richards bio we used a photo taken in a bar, for the music to Murakami’s 1q84 we were lucky to find a paper moon pic. Yes, by a Japanese photographer.

I really like to find my way on Flickr browsing through all these beautiful photographs. Some pictures I find are really inspired by novels, others just fit in with themes, characters, places, events. All pictures taken with an analog machine, all by friendly photographers willing to contribute to our website.

Now Platform, the novel of my favourite enfant terrible Michel Houellebecq, has been photographised by Dutch artist Joep Neefjes! Although there is not much music in Houellebecq’s stories, I am a big fan looking forward to seeing the photos. Has Joep managed to keep le narratif? Is he an artiste able to tell this controversial story through pictures?

It is 13 October and I just went for a swim in my loose and lovely new hometown Brighton. Cold, but I see an old man ‘sunbathing’ on the nude beach. There is a beauty in this, but when it comes to pictures I prefer the Lanzarotian loneliness I hope to find in Neefjes’ book.

Will post a picture soon!

— update —

5 photos available through this link.

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