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Booktunes & Penguin – Classic!

While I desperately ran out of shelves some months ago, Booktunes still welcomes more books! Well-known publisher Penguin is willing to send some classics for the upcoming Booktunes Classics.

Long before I started this project, Kerouac’s On the Road was already one of my favorite music related books. It is amazing how the music Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty enjoy empowers the pace of their story and the restlessness of their youthful chase from east to west and again and back and south. From the emotional moments supported by classical music to the nightly outbursts with the hard bopping sounds to the Latin vibes at the ending of the race.. beautiful! Soon on Booktunes.

We all realize much more Penguin titles should end up as a Booktunes Classic. What classic would you like to see on our website, musically unraveled and accompanied by a playlist?

Tolstoy’s Kreuzer Sonata – check.
Eduard Morike’s Mozart’s Journey to Prague – check.
John Dos Passos’ Manhattan Transfer – wishfully checking.

Really looking forward to receiving your advice. If you have ambition to both recommend and discuss a particular classic, let me order it for you. I might ask Penguin to throw in Jack’s Original Scroll for Erik, since this one would only distract him.



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