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Booktunes Movies: Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris is a Woody Allen movie. Although I am no a big fan of Allen and his films, I really enjoyed this one! Might be because one of my favourite things is one of the movies subjects. Nope, the trailer is not going to spoil anything. Yep, you will have to watch the movie and enjoy the joie de vivre à 1930 Paris la nuit.

Besides Pablo Picasso and some other interesting people Gil (played by Owen Wilson) meets, he sees Josephine Baker dancing to her own tune. And what a tune! In fact the whole soundtrack to this movie is nice, but La conga blicoti made me want find more music by this fascinating figure who’s wiki page is an intriguing screen read.


Since this tune is in the public domain, feel free to download and do a little dance. As my Brighton weekend has just started I will surely enjoy the thirties revival in this vibrant city and drink an agricole while listening to a dj playing 78 rpm’s.


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