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The Great Gatsby (2013) Soundtrack Pt.2

The Great Gatsby 392x392Universal Music finally released the track list for the Soundtrack to Baz Luhrman’s take on Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby. Seems like Jack White and Kanye (playing in my previous Gatsby post) get the company of Soundtrack Executive Jay-Z, his friends and his wife. 

The pop hip-hop soundtrack might fit pretty well with the larger-then-life production and art direction for the 2013 Great Gatsby movie (that was originally scheduled as the ultimate Christmas Cracker of the year 2012). Some new stars of which Emili Sandé and Bryan Ferry’s rework of ‘Crazy in Love’ should be fun.

Now why did Beyoncé have to redo Amy’s ‘Back to Black’… and how did it end up on the list? I think Baz should used his veto at this point and play the Moody Boys Refix of ‘Love is a Losing Game’. Loud. Like he did with ‘Love is Blindness’ by Jack White.

[audio] [audio]

Great Gatsby OST Tracklist:

1. “100$ Bill” by Jay-Z
2. “Back to Black” by Beyoncé & André 3000
3. “Bang Bang” by
4. “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)” by Fergie + Q-Tip + GoonRock
5. “Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey
6. “Love Is the Drug” by Bryan Ferry &The Bryan Ferry Orchestra
7. “Over the Love” by Florence and the Machine
8. “Where the Wind Blows” by Coco O. of Quadron
9. “Crazy in Love” by Emeli Sandé and The Bryan Ferry Orchestra
10. “Together” by The xx
11. “Hearts a Mess” by Gotye
12. “Love Is Blindness” by Jack White
13. “Kill and Run” by Sia

Please send tunes to erik at booktunes dot net!

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Everything is Illuminated – Fingers are Frozen

BT-Blog-Everything-is-Illuminated-by-leadingedgephotographyListening to the soundtrack to Liev Schreiber’s Everything is Illuminated (again) I am amazed (again) by how well the tunes fit the movie (which I kind of forgot about) and Safran Foer’s book (which definitely needs a rereading soon). Maybe it fits my midnight and early morning bicycle rides through Amsterdam and the Dutch Flatlands even better.

While my fingers freeze my brain gets heated by my apparently hip hat and, spinning on plans to broaden the Booktunes concept, fully enjoys the sounds of Paul Cantelon. Particularly Paul’s original score inspires, and even makes me enjoy the first cold winter weekend and look forward to joining the Elfstedentocht 2013 with my cousin Joeri. As Wim knows, I like Gogol Bordello but think Eugene’s role in the screenplay is good but purple enough. 

Ice skating, early morning cycling, after hours working… reading Safran Foer’s novel..   I am sure you’ll enjoy the tunes this movie brings. Listen to Paul Cantelon’s beautiful original tunes here, check Csókolom & Leningrad through Youtube.

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Booktunes Movies: The Great Gatsby (2013)

A bit sad by the fact that the release of Baz Luhrmann’s Great Gatsby has been put off, I played the trailer to my wife and sis to show them what we will not be getting for Christmas 2012. Trailer still says ‘this christmas’… let’s just hope that the trailer is stubborn and not referring to Chrismas 2013.

We were all blown away by the beautiful  shots, the styling, the great 1920′ views and, to be honest, I got a bit emotional when Jack White’s cover of Love is Blindness kicked in. Well, Maybe it had to do with the intense yoga class we had earlier this morning.

Curious to finding out more about Baz Luhrmann’s musical choice for this movie (remember the Moulin Rouge & Romeo & Juliet Soundtracks), I rewound to the Jay-Z & Kanye West tune at the start of the trailer… not bad but hey, I am sure Jack White is the best forerunner. Plus a good sport.

[audio] [audio]

Let’s list the tunes here and listen to the sounds while waiting for the movie. Keep me posted on Great Gatsby Soundtrack news!

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Booktunes Movies: Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris is a Woody Allen movie. Although I am no a big fan of Allen and his films, I really enjoyed this one! Might be because one of my favourite things is one of the movies subjects. Nope, the trailer is not going to spoil anything. Yep, you will have to watch the movie and enjoy the joie de vivre à 1930 Paris la nuit.

Besides Pablo Picasso and some other interesting people Gil (played by Owen Wilson) meets, he sees Josephine Baker dancing to her own tune. And what a tune! In fact the whole soundtrack to this movie is nice, but La conga blicoti made me want find more music by this fascinating figure who’s wiki page is an intriguing screen read.


Since this tune is in the public domain, feel free to download and do a little dance. As my Brighton weekend has just started I will surely enjoy the thirties revival in this vibrant city and drink an agricole while listening to a dj playing 78 rpm’s.

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Eye Film Institute & Taxi Driver Sound

Today will be the grand opening of Eye Films Institute in Amsterdam. As they start off with a retrospective on one of my favorite directors Martin Scorsese, I really regret missing out. I try and make the best out of it here by finally checking how Taxi Driver would do as a soundtrack to every day life.

It was already amazing to see the Eye Film Museum being built as I drove past it almost every day when living in Amsterdam. When the train rode in to Central Station last weekend I was blown away by the view on this finalised futuristic addition to the recently emerged ‘Skyline of the North’. Visit.

Recently I saw the first part of Scorsese’s Hugo (in parts… is my movie watching getting just as patchy as my reading? Gosh). Great. The Scorsese movie I did manage to watch multiple times, unfragmented, is Taxi Driver. My favorite. The story, the shots, angles, quotes, atmosphere, acting, topics, themes, anything. Ask Wim.

For some time now I have been wondering what it would be like to only listen to the sound of this movie. The sun is out here in Brighton – none of the dreadful English weather I was walking in when this idea popped up, no rain to wash all this scum off the streets – but I do enjoy listening to this movie very much. It is like a slow-paced radio play with your favorite actor and none of that studio stuff. Listen:

If you listen to the score by Bernard Herrmann you go back and forth from one theme to the other. If you listen to the complete sound track ripped form the movie, you’ll find the perfect balance between Bickle’s thoughts, the dialogues, street sounds and music. Only now I realise that Director Scorsese probably knows this, closes his eyes and listens before sending a movie off.

Download here & drop me a comment. Any requests?

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MOVIE INK – The Gallery

Booktunes contributor and long time friend Wim Jansen is opening a gallery. We already knew he is by far the biggest movie buff  in our family, we knew he once had thoughts about opening a cinema, we knew he owns thousands of movie posters, we knew this guy just does what he likes… but still we are surprised!

First exhibition: Fukushima Mon Amour

If you are in the Amsterdam area this saturday, please feel free to walk in, have some sushi and enjoy Wim’s Ink collection of beautiful posters depicting all those horrible monsters and whatnots that tried to crunch the Japanese.

See you there!

MOVIE INK opening
date: Saturday June 2nd, 2011
address: Palmdwarsstraat 40, Amsterdam, NL


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