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Out of Print: A Great Gatsby Shirt

More Great Great Gatsby things. Do I look like a freak that collects Gatsby nicknackery? Nah, it’s just that I grew up in the 90’s when t-shirts with prints, big prints, were cool. I Still like them, just like I like the oversized Levi’s found in the attic of my wife’s family home. Must have suited her well back then, they fit fine with me today.

Out of Print‘ reads the label, a cool name to company that makes t-shirts for book fiends. The shirts are of superior quality, fit well and have lovely designs… and they would definitely add to the Booktunes website if we’d have a webshop.

As I know we will not be able to sell merch from our site anytime soon and these wonderful tees are ultimate Christmas presents (though I can’t find a limited Dickens special), I recommend you to get the shirts online from the company’s website (US) or from Bookish (UK).

For all Dutchies: Let me know which shirt you want and I’ll drop ‘m off at your door before Christmas Eve. Yes, I am looking forward to a weekend in Brighton  and will ask the dopest shirt seller in town to box some up in a Booktunes box.

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