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Free App – McSweeney’s Small Chair

Booktunes’ favorite McSweeney’s Small Chair App is now available for free! To celebrate the second anniversary of this great app, McSweeney’s offers a free download that comes with a free one month subscription. The price for a six month enrollment has dropped.. so yeah 7 months of Sweeney’s content for just a few $’s or €’s.

Just when I planned to give it a a present to Mr. Number Nine, McSweeney’s decided to give it away for free. Nice gesture… and of course the ultimate opportunity for everyone to finally enjoy the Small Chair content wherever you go. So Mina, please make shure to get a new phone throuhg Job or Olivier soon.

I haven’t checked the iPad version yet, but the new iPhone version is more or less the same as the 2 (!) years old application. Only thing that really changed is the upper-left corner psychedelic art installation. Driving me nuts.

Get it here, and if you haven’t read Eggers’ debut yet, go in app and read the 1776 pages in digi!

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App: McSweeney’s Small Chair Small Screen

With no books around, the battery of my laptop all flat and my bank account slowly moving away from that red figures, I decided to finally buy the McSweeney’s App. As soon as I started to fiddle around with this internet tendency, I wanted to get back to bed to finish the second story I had been given access to by Timothy & Dave. Mina, what are your thoughts on this?

The 6-dollar app pushes the weekly Small Chair content to your Apple device for a period of 6 months. Also, you’ll be able to follow all the McSweeney’s website material for ages and beyond.

Two stories showed up after installing the app: ‘Two Free Men’ by Sheila Heti and ‘Raw Water’ by Wells Tower. First one is a really short one with beautiful illustrations by Liz Lee, second story is a really good one about a couple in a camper moving towards a new life. Since I am only on page 18 of the 134 – on an iPhone that is – I can only tell you that the first flicks of the thumb telling about an itchy wife and a cranberry colored lake look promising!

I must say that the reading off an iPhone works pretty good and that I do look forward to my train traveling later today. The in-app purchase of complete McSweeney’s will have to wait until I will have a bigger screen to roll with.

Have a look at all McSweeney’s related things here and get the app through iTunes. Tell me more about apps-alike in the comment field!


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