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Booktunes webshoppe – from reselling to kickstarting

Kerouac teddyCurrently I am looking for a job! My mission is to find out if I can make a profit by helping you get that nice Hemingway T-shirt, Mr. Men mug or, bear with me, a Penguin beach chair. (?) How about a nice combination of books, sounds, shoppings and bloggings?

Since my wrist got injured I had to give up painting houses. With that, lettering shopfronts & signs is no option for the near future. Hélas, selling wine on the market would be too heavy, though it would be fun and I am sure the concept I came up with would work.

Although selling shirts & shit is pretty far away from the original Booktunes concept (building a database of book soundtracks), I don’t think it is such a bad idea to start a Booktunes webshop for now  and see how I can incorporate the original Booktunes ambitions in a later stadium.

To conclude two weeks of research: Reselling literary merchandise means stocking Tees, dealing with low margins and investing a little money. Another option is producing original Booktunes fashion. Should I use Kickstarter to do an initial run of sweaters? Murakami fans know what twin gear I am talking about, and with the upcoming release of Pinball, 1973 this might not be such a bad idea. Better margins, more fun, very geeky, maybe too niche. All in no particular order.


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