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Cookin’ with Kerouac: Brakeman Breakfast

Dharma BumAlthough more known as a drinker than a culinary writer, Jack Kerouac often talks food during his hikes and searchings as a Dharma Bum. Reading about his rambles with Gary Snyder reminds me of one of my favourite Kerouac fragments from “The Railroad Earth”.

Completely at ease, with no reason to rush, Jack prepares for a long day of working at the tracks. The perfect day for a brakeman seems to unfold itself from the moment he awakes watching a fresh coffee brew as it does. His writing made me feel like having a cuppa myself and start my day with a true Kerouac breakfast.


The beautiful piece of prose also raises a question. How can one work like a devil all day on just an omelette and café? Let’s be fair, Jack throws in some bacon and tops is eggs it off with a lick of peanut butter, but still. Organic, vegan, superfoods, paleo… on my own journey to what is best for me I sometimes wonder if the food in 2015 is as good as it once used to be. This morning, from wonderer to wanderer, I decide Jack’s diet is best bet:

I had heard that peanut butter and lettuce contained all the vitamins you should want, this after I had originally started to eat this combination because of the deliciousness and nostalgia of the taste

from “The Railroad Earth”,  Lonesome Traveler – Jack Kerouac
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