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Booktunes & Spotify?

‘As of today, Spotify is making it possible for everyone to take their playlists with them in one lean, green music machine.’ So what’s the big difference with iTunes, apart from the free listening possibilies (+) and the not as large library (-)? Seems like the service is becoming a serious thread for Apple’s iTunes now – not just because we@booktunes are finally taking some time to sort out the pros and cons of this revolutionary green tool.

I remember when people first pointed out this service to me. I was too busy embedding iTunes iMixes into the Booktunes site to pay ome proper attention to the free service with a small library broadcasting adds between songs. Now, getting tired of the ever changing iTunes terms, Apple narrowing down the iMix possibilities, the growing possibilities offered by Spotify and the expanding of the service itself lead me to this question:

Should we move from iTunes to a combination of Spotify (EU) and, for the time being, Grooveshark (US)?

Through Gizmodo, Kat Hannaford tells me this:

‘I’ve shared the playlist with dozens of people by sending the URL to them, which then opens their desktop program and loads it there for their listening pleasure. They can contribute to it, if you’ve created a collaborative playlist, or if you’d prefer people not tinker with your choons you can set them as so too.’

Perfect, isn’t it?

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