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Booktunes Moviefood – Hell on Wheels

BT-Blog-Hell-on-Wheel-SoundtrackOn the verge of redeveloping Booktunes and ad more fields of interest to the Booktunes realm I bumped in to this great Hell on Wheels recipe!! To be honest, really I was looking for a Corn Likker dealer but thanks to Google I found this fab frontier dish. Yum!


Open fire expert Jessica tells us:

Cooking is more than just preparing food. Cooking from scratch is a food experience. For the past 10 years, I’ve been learning about cooking from vintage cookbooks, friends, and family.

Her foodie blog called A Pinch Here, A Dash There brings mouthwatering recipes like these Perfect Cacao Pancakes. As a visual bonus her friend Alexander Yerks is a great photographer inspired by Jessie’s cooking…

Bohannon Baked Beans by Alexander Yerks

.. and apparently a craftsman as he makes wooden cups that hold your likker! How about a new goal for 2013? Make your own cups.. goes purty damn well with my musical saw ambitions!

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