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Holiday Reads – Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto

Off to the English & Welsh Countryside I brought along some titles I came across in Kemptown Bookshop. Books that pop up in my mind every now and then but tend not to surface when surfing on the Amazon river. While lighting the BBQ I found out Banana Yoshimoto is a great author and that her ’88 debut novel Kitchen is beautiful read! How I love the solitary protagonists detached from the world / emotionally connected to others…

Yes, exactly. The same kind of characters that made me fall in love with Murakami’s writing. A love that made me stay away from other Japanese writers as I couldn’t get my mind not to expect finding the same features with all other fictional Toru’s.Yoshimoto’s novel is too short to summarise here. Read it, enjoy the two stories that both relate to music, each in it’s own way.

Kitchenavailable online and beautifully illustrated by Lianne Leeflang – plays a hard to find tune by 80’s pop start Momoko Kikuchi. Hard to find if you trust the English translator for this book / if you don’t have friends at Goodreads helping you out. Grab it!

Moonlight Shadow bears the same name as Mike Oldfield’s piece, mentioned by Banana as the inspiration for her story. Nice vid.

More info on Dutch artist Lianne Leeflang here.

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Booktunes applies for Rockstart Accelerator

rockstartacceleratorJust in time. Working under pressure has never been a problem to me. And to call this easy sunday of reformatting text and rerecording Youtube vids stressful would be exaggerating. Crazy last minutes though as developer Anthony Stone and I found out that we both had to apply. By then, it was 23:34 and the Rockstart Accelerator door was about to close.


Now that all the pitch talk and business planning is done and the pressure is gone I might just take my time to get back to what I like best: Sharing music and find relations from one book or tune to the next. And yes I poured myself a nice UK size glass of liberating French wine… yesterday I lost my day job so who cares.

Lately I have been listening to quite some oldies. One of the albums I really enjoyed was a compilation of tunes selected by Dutch singer Caro Emerald, featuring Della Reese’s 1960 up tempo version of “Why Don’t You Do Right”.

Original by Lil’ Green (1941):

Big tune and pre-original by Harlem Hamfats (1936):

Do the lyrics of this last one refer to my Booktunes ambitions? Download all three & wish me luck!

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Booktunes Series: Carnivàle – The Original Tunes

Living in Brighton wearing my workwear enjoying all retro things going on there while drinking a honey bear in my favourite pub called The Black Dove, I felt the urge to rewatch that great Carnivàle series. Amazed by all the good tunes I did a whole lotta diggin’ on the world wide web –  now it’s time for sharin’ on the Booktunes blog.

Most of the work had already been done by the sleeping Midway website, a site dedicated to the series so boorishly discontinued by HBO. It is still a great place to find info on all things Carnivàle and I would like to thank them for the incredible job they did! I took their list of tunes, reviewed it, collected the songs, added some, did all the iTunes tagging and uploaded a download for all cats ‘n alligators.

Since most tunes are in the public domain you should be ok sharing this amazing source of inspiration… Personal favourites in the Youtube vid above and the player below. Feel free to untick all organ tunes included for the sake of making this original soundtrack complete.


Season 2 coming up… Now let’s just hope the goons won’t bump us off!

I’ve got to leave now,


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All Round Man

I like Murakami’s novels becuase I can relate to his charismatic characters. My wife can’t stand movies with a mean main man. Feeling a bit blue while reflecting on myself I really enjoyed an old tune called ‘All Round Man’ brought to me by C.W. Stoneking. Should I worry about the fact that I am still doing all sorts of jobs to make ends meet while believing I can get Booktunes to the next level? Or should I just be proud of the fact that I am a versatile guy feeling subject to this song?

Proud. By pressing replay I found out that my new tune, originally sung by Bo Carter, is an all wet hokum platter about a pal that is just dizzy with his dame. Mitt me kid!

Check C.W. Stoneking’s version by hitting the player below and download the orignal by Bo Carter here.


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Booktunes Movies: Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris is a Woody Allen movie. Although I am no a big fan of Allen and his films, I really enjoyed this one! Might be because one of my favourite things is one of the movies subjects. Nope, the trailer is not going to spoil anything. Yep, you will have to watch the movie and enjoy the joie de vivre à 1930 Paris la nuit.

Besides Pablo Picasso and some other interesting people Gil (played by Owen Wilson) meets, he sees Josephine Baker dancing to her own tune. And what a tune! In fact the whole soundtrack to this movie is nice, but La conga blicoti made me want find more music by this fascinating figure who’s wiki page is an intriguing screen read.


Since this tune is in the public domain, feel free to download and do a little dance. As my Brighton weekend has just started I will surely enjoy the thirties revival in this vibrant city and drink an agricole while listening to a dj playing 78 rpm’s.

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Free Download: Motel Aurora Promo

Booktunes Family member Laura is about to drop the first official Motel Aurora album. Promising, and we have a free promo up for grabs here. Listen to more Motel Aurora here and here. Enjoy!



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