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Fresh Writers Night – Jonge Schrijvers Avond

Friday the 17th of December 2010, in fact the perfect Friday for a Christmas drink, CREA Amsterdam presents the new generation of Dutch writers at their Jonge Schrijvers Avond. A fresh writers night, hosted by Maurice Seleky, deejayed by Booktunes.

Of course I already knew which records to bring to a Seleky party since his Ego Faber features on the Booktunes website. Interested in the musical taste & thoughts of the other authors I asked them some questions. Now I know what they like, why, if and how music is being represented in their work. Plus I know what tunes to play.

Most young writers have favourite tunes that make them happy. Rachel Visscher enjoys ‘The songs that we sing’ by Charlotte Gainsbourg, Maurice likes ‘Someday’ by The Strokes because of its happy melody and cynical text, and points out that the reader of his debut novel can find similarities in subject matter.

Olga Kortz thought it was strange to ask writers about the relation between their musical preferences and their work. Maybe she took it too serious, claiming that when a writer tells that Pete Doherty is of a big influence it would say that she is a genius too. Could be. I didn’t agree but we ended up joking because of her sudden change of music she would like to hear on the 17th:

11 Dec:Me: ‘What tune would you like to hear?’
OK: “Rude Boy’ by Rihanna because I guess I could use one’
Me: Ok!
12 Dec:
OK: “Children’ by Robert Miles’
Me: ‘Ok?’

Martijn Simons listens to Coltrane while writing and is clear about the relation between jazz and his work: It is not there. His favourite tune changes like the weather. This week: Coltrane’s ‘Syeeda’s Song Flute’ because it is playful, surprising, thrilling and funky – like a good jazz tune should. Cool, but our hope for some Friday nite dupsteppaz starts to fade away with the echo of the sax.

Iris Koppe has a favourite new Roots track called ‘Now or Never’. She would definitely like to hear this band on a young writers night too. More hip-hop by Kanye West is found Martijn’s more modern playlist, the up tempo rock stuff comes from Rachel and Maurice.

We were ashamed when Anna Drijver herself had to tell us that she published a complete playlist in ‘Je Blijft’. The debut novel of this promising actress will be discussed on Booktunes soon; she showed some interesting insights about literary references to The Doors, Satie and Michael Jackson. Again we ended up joking about Michael Jackson. In a good way. She challenged you and me to stand still while his tunes are on. Quite impossible on a Christmas get together.

Download the favourite tunes of the fresh writers here.

See you at CREA!

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