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Old Sport, 8 Bit – A Gatsby Game!

This is so great! My gaming and reading brother wikiPete sent me this link a week ago. Ai. Took me a week to find out how much fun you can have clicking on all links people send out. He is not just a people by the way.

Some guy found an old Nintendo cartridge at a yard sale. It only wore a sticker that said ‘Gatsby’, so it seems to be a lost Japanese copy of Doki Doki Toshokan: Gatsby no Monogatari… hahaha yeah right! Press play.

Charlie, Pete, Dylan & Michael teamed up to realize this game. Big up to them, more info about this winning team here. As a bonus they offer the soundtrack as a free download through Download Booktunes’ favourite dry Martine Rag on the click. Enjoy!

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