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The Illustrated Bakery Attacks

Murakami&_MenschikPhew! It is hard to put Murakami’s Underground aside but I have to write this note on the shiny Dutch pressing of De broodjesroof verhalen, internationally known as “The Bakery Attack” and “The Second Bakery Attack”. Of course, I also want to play the tune that turns the first big bread robbery into a failure.

As the bundled Bakery Attacks are (again) only available in a very limited number of languages , I suggest you get this pretty pressing from or publisher Atlas, enjoy the beautiful drawings by Kat Menschik and, if you are not Dutch or German,  read the text from your personal collection or an unpaid online source.

Bakery Attacks Trivia: Though the first baker has the protagonist and his comrade  listening to “Tristan und Isolde”, years later the robber tells his girl he was forced to hear “Tannhäusser” and “The Flying Dutchman” before finally munchin’ away on freshly baked bread.

More Baker’s favourites at this excellent classical YouTube channel:
The Flying Dutchman

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