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Booktunes Series: Carnivàle – The Original Tunes

Living in Brighton wearing my workwear enjoying all retro things going on there while drinking a honey bear in my favourite pub called The Black Dove, I felt the urge to rewatch that great Carnivàle series. Amazed by all the good tunes I did a whole lotta diggin’ on the world wide web –  now it’s time for sharin’ on the Booktunes blog.

Most of the work had already been done by the sleeping Midway website, a site dedicated to the series so boorishly discontinued by HBO. It is still a great place to find info on all things Carnivàle and I would like to thank them for the incredible job they did! I took their list of tunes, reviewed it, collected the songs, added some, did all the iTunes tagging and uploaded a download for all cats ‘n alligators.

Since most tunes are in the public domain you should be ok sharing this amazing source of inspiration… Personal favourites in the Youtube vid above and the player below. Feel free to untick all organ tunes included for the sake of making this original soundtrack complete.


Season 2 coming up… Now let’s just hope the goons won’t bump us off!

I’ve got to leave now,


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Out of Print: A Great Gatsby Shirt

More Great Great Gatsby things. Do I look like a freak that collects Gatsby nicknackery? Nah, it’s just that I grew up in the 90’s when t-shirts with prints, big prints, were cool. I Still like them, just like I like the oversized Levi’s found in the attic of my wife’s family home. Must have suited her well back then, they fit fine with me today.

Out of Print‘ reads the label, a cool name to company that makes t-shirts for book fiends. The shirts are of superior quality, fit well and have lovely designs… and they would definitely add to the Booktunes website if we’d have a webshop.

As I know we will not be able to sell merch from our site anytime soon and these wonderful tees are ultimate Christmas presents (though I can’t find a limited Dickens special), I recommend you to get the shirts online from the company’s website (US) or from Bookish (UK).

For all Dutchies: Let me know which shirt you want and I’ll drop ‘m off at your door before Christmas Eve. Yes, I am looking forward to a weekend in Brighton  and will ask the dopest shirt seller in town to box some up in a Booktunes box.

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2012 is here – international year

One week into the new year already. 2011, the year in which we crossed La Manche to move from Amsterdam to Brighton, has gone and I am really glad we have managed to settle down here… future looks bright in this city where we only just had a short glimpse of all good restaurants, bars, clubs, record- and bookshops that need visiting in 2012.

I am looking forward to turning Booktunes into an international venture this year. Recently world citizen Anthony Stone joined the think & tech team, soon we will start developing some Booktunes website features and bring the music to your books in a more advanced way.

Now that I think of it, both the job at American Express and the new weekly giggin’ at The Globe are pretty international as well. And so was Christmas (we combined the Dutch & Finnish tradition of Sinterklaas with the more English & American Santa Claus) and the Christmas presents (Kubb, Marmite Chocolat, Dutch Liquorice, Italian Delicatessen). On top of that 2012 started with the smashing of the Pomegranates (a Greek tradition) introduced by my Dutch mom, and Polish Bigos (the perfect hangover food) cooked up by my new friends from Seattle.

What I liked best about 2011?
– Meeting all these friendly Brighton people and settling in. Liz & David, Dave & Lucy, Jo & Will, Jeff Daniels, Peter Biggs, Rodney & co., Arthur & Marjoke, Talia & co., Sam & Chris, Dashal, Carl & Lara, All welcome to enjoy our international kitchen.
– Having friends & family over and share the good times. All welcome!


Brighton HQ – Rutter Radio Pt.2

Back at Stretton House in Brighton UK, I finally found some time to edit Rutter Radio Pt.2, David’s show for Brighton Festival Radio. Topic of that day (dated early into that next millenium) was Wrong Songs or, Right Songs by the Wrong Guy. Being a fan of odd covers myself I think this show is great!

David tells a lot of stories, and you’d better believe they are true. In a loop or at random, fascinating stories they are. Teacher, Sushi Chef, World Traveler, Micro Politician, Romantic, Big Hearted Fellow. And a pretty good Radio Jock as well!

Feel free to download and share this great selection of wrong songs.
Find David’s BBC Radio Show about Hawaiian Music here.

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Tropical Sunshine at Stretton House

Coming back at from London’s Notting Hill Carnival I find a crate full of Booktunes material, selected by my Stretton House Family. Apart from the pile of books, there are some great Coltrane records David was planning to bring to the charity shop, plus a Thomas Hardy poem that inspired Christy Moore. Good to be back!

Notting Hill Carnival 2011 was fabulous: Good food & massive sounds to share with 1 million people and some of my bestest friends:  a twin, a skater, a hipster, a reggae jock, a jungle jock, their girls and an american girl. Loads of fun, no riots.

One thing we all missed during the Carnival – in fact hole EU summer 2011 – is Sunshine. That must be the reason I found David reminiscing about his 90’s visits to Hawaii. Listening to a tape of a BBC radio show where he was invited as a Hawaiian music expert did really bring some sunshine into the Stretton Sitting Room.

Enjoy the digitalized cleaned up classic BBC material here:


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Booktunes UK – Brighton HQ

Currently Booktunes is setting up shop in Brighton UK. After living in Amsterdam for a few years, we decided to move to Brighton and enjoy this beachy village on the other side of La Manche. After an invitation to staying at Stretton House, we decided to get on the boat and revel Eelizabeth & David’s warm welcome.

Apart from sharing a love for good food and home made gin, this great couple likes books & music too! Every day David digs up new music related books from his collection. Liz shares her favourite music, literature & poetry over a cup of tea. And then they list and laminate.

Jara, Cave (who lives around the corner), Barque , Terkel, Copper, Zappa, Crowley, Dunmore , Dylan, Earle, Drury – all future Booktunes material from the Stretton House library. We are looking forward to publishing a complete list soon.

While getting ready for Notting Hill Carnival  I glance at David’s pictures of El Salvador and realise  that Booktunes will have a good one here in Brighton!


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