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From now on all visitors to the Booktunes website will be redirected to this blog. I guess we all felt we had to bring Booktunes back to the lab, back to zero, and take time to rebuild it step by step.

Some of these steps will be smaller then the ones we have made before, some bigger, and some steps will lead us in a completely different direction. We’ll see. I still believe Booktunes – a website playing the music with your favourite novel – is a promising idea.

BT-Home 1024x768

Over the next weeks I will add dedicated Booktunes pages to this blog and share all Booktunes compilations, info and all interviews with the authors of those beautiful books that have music involved. All previous Booktunes content will be available again soon.

Hereby I would like to thank all the people that helped me bring it this far. Mels, Mina, Job, Oli, Ytje, Will, Laura, all photographers that contributed to the artwork, all friends who wrote articles on the books & authors, all people in the book and music industry who supported us,  all professionals who were willing to share their visions, all authors and musicians featured on the Booktunes website and of course Rose & my fam.

Feel free to drop me a line if you have any thoughts on the future of Booktunes or if you would like to be involved in the Booktunes project.

Stay tuned, see you soon in the Booktunes lab!




Mina Witteman at Literary Death Match

Mina Witteman – or rather BT Mama Mina –  is about to slaughter some riff-raff writers. Amsterdam has the Literary Death Match coming up where she will read her upcoming YA Thriller Weed Man out loud to shout down daring authors and win this verbal dispute.

As we quote Mina’s Ring Entry Song…

How you gonna come?
With your hands on your head
Or on the trigger of your gun


December 1, Smart Project Space, Arie Biemondstraat 105-113, Amsterdam NL

More info & tickets here.
Former LDM authors on iTunes – Free Podcast



Free Download: Motel Aurora Promo

Booktunes Family member Laura is about to drop the first official Motel Aurora album. Promising, and we have a free promo up for grabs here. Listen to more Motel Aurora here and here. Enjoy!



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Readin’ & Rollin’ – Ziggy Marley

What do you need when you want to expand your horizon? Ganja. After a full year of having an untouched Booktunes List of Graphic Novels, an Amsterdam visit by reggae singer Ziggy Marley fires up the Booktunes Family and puts di Griff to work.  

Marijuanaman, the graphic novel telling Ziggy’s story just got released through Image Comics. Expect an article on the Booktunes website soonish… our biggest reggae lover Sjoerd Blankevoort – dj at Wazari Sound and blogger at Dutch Reggae dot com – is now working for the biggest Amsterdam newpaper Het Parool, only to polish off his writing skills.

Free Ziggy Marley tracks here, more info on the musical artist here, grapical artist here.

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Motel Aurora – Karlakarlar

As we are building the Booktunes Family I would like to point out that editor & contributor Laura recently released an EP! Laura Schuster and Rei Satoshi are Motel Aurora – ‘an umaginary place filled with noise, and northern lights, and things we do not speak of.’

Their latest EP Karlakarlar features a song inspired by Tiffany Murray’s Diamond Star Halo. Laura wrote a piece on this novel for the Booktunes website, had a talk with the author and felt pretty inpired to put Tiffany’s words to music.

Find the complete EP on the Motel Aurora Bandcamp page, check their video’s on Vimeo, get more tunes off their website and enjoy the shows!


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MOVIE INK – The Gallery

Booktunes contributor and long time friend Wim Jansen is opening a gallery. We already knew he is by far the biggest movie buff  in our family, we knew he once had thoughts about opening a cinema, we knew he owns thousands of movie posters, we knew this guy just does what he likes… but still we are surprised!

First exhibition: Fukushima Mon Amour

If you are in the Amsterdam area this saturday, please feel free to walk in, have some sushi and enjoy Wim’s Ink collection of beautiful posters depicting all those horrible monsters and whatnots that tried to crunch the Japanese.

See you there!

MOVIE INK opening
date: Saturday June 2nd, 2011
address: Palmdwarsstraat 40, Amsterdam, NL


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