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All Round Man

I like Murakami’s novels becuase I can relate to his charismatic characters. My wife can’t stand movies with a mean main man. Feeling a bit blue while reflecting on myself I really enjoyed an old tune called ‘All Round Man’ brought to me by C.W. Stoneking. Should I worry about the fact that I am still doing all sorts of jobs to make ends meet while believing I can get Booktunes to the next level? Or should I just be proud of the fact that I am a versatile guy feeling subject to this song?

Proud. By pressing replay I found out that my new tune, originally sung by Bo Carter, is an all wet hokum platter about a pal that is just dizzy with his dame. Mitt me kid!

Check C.W. Stoneking’s version by hitting the player below and download the orignal by Bo Carter here.


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