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A pile of Biographies

As the shelf of to-do-books starts to wear out we have artist biographies piling up as well. Just before I went to Jori’s to pick up some gear I left there after my last gig with Nobody Beats The Drum, Serge Gainsbourg by Sylvie Simmons came in. A test print sent to us by the ever-friendly Manon of Nijgh & Van Ditmar.

After the regular rock ‘n roll gossip, music talk, a visit by Rogier and watching the birds, Jori confessed that he would like to write a piece for the Booktunes website. Great, more biographies! Trekking trough Sri Lanka with a couple of Buddhist books in one hand and Richards’ Life in the other, made him realize how relaxing it an be to busy oneself with the a ‘book soundtrack’.

Amadou & Mariam and Richards are online already, we have Gainsbourg, McCartney, Dr. John and Joe Jackson coming up. You know the deal.. we are still looking for more. Books and contributors so feel free to contact.

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