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MOVIE★INK. Film Poster Masterclass

MOVIE-INK-FB-LOGOSo my one best ambitious film friend who is serious about setting up shop, interviews my other best film friend who set up shop already. The result? A Masterclass about Film Posters with great insights into the world of an Amsterdam poster collector. And seller. Now what’s with the nipple poster?

The following interview by BelleOog shows Mr. MOVIE★INK. discussing the different kinds of posters in his collection. Good stuff for anyone who enjoys movies, ink, paper, real stuff.

If you want to know more about Wim & his MOVIE★INK. Gallery watch the more personal interview here. If you like wondering through the beautiful streets of De Jordaan feel free to pop by and be amazed. 

BelleOog at YouTube
MOVIE★INK. site, address & opening hours

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Murakami Festival Amsterdam – Where is Booktunes?

Murakamifest-250pxAmsterdam has a Murakami Festival coming up! On Januari 11th, 15 small book clubs will spread throughout the city centre to read and discuss their favourite author. Hosted by the likes of Anna Drijver, Jeroen Vullings and Philip Huff this could be a fun nite out. If you do have tickets for this sold out Litfest you will get a bonus:  an advance copy of Murakami’s yet to be published De kleurloze Tsukuru Tazaki en zijn pelgrimsjaren (Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage).  

I do feel a tad bit sad missing out on this event. Once I completed my studies with a thesis on Mr. Murakami, and in the early days of Booktunes we were part of the 1Q84 book launch taking care of the musical program. “Well, Booktunes is on the back burner and you are reading Bukowski at the moment” is what my wife said.

Her remark got me thinking. Would I want to play (a role) at this fest? How? What about my plans regarding Booktunes in general? When do I see Job & Mina again and decide where to take this project?

Regarding the first and second question: Maybe not. I quit dj-ing and don’t see any other role for me on festivals. Seriously.. personally..  festivals, public performances and get-togethers are music things. I do like to share thoughts on books, but preferably with my brother or Will (who is great).

The happening did get me fired up on the future of Booktunes though. I would love to build a new site that would function as a music and knowledge base for all music related books. An online community? Essential and a starting point will be the option to listen to the tunes straight away, no matter where you are. To have tunes at hand while reading.

So I re-upped the original Booktunes Soundtrack for Murakami’s After DarkA good opportunity to start testing some new music players as the WordPress audio options are way too basic (arent they?). Basic, but still worth tuning in to listen to some Murakami music and get ready for the festival on Januari 11th. Enjoy!

More info on the Murakami Festival here (in dutch).

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Eye Film Institute & Taxi Driver Sound

Today will be the grand opening of Eye Films Institute in Amsterdam. As they start off with a retrospective on one of my favorite directors Martin Scorsese, I really regret missing out. I try and make the best out of it here by finally checking how Taxi Driver would do as a soundtrack to every day life.

It was already amazing to see the Eye Film Museum being built as I drove past it almost every day when living in Amsterdam. When the train rode in to Central Station last weekend I was blown away by the view on this finalised futuristic addition to the recently emerged ‘Skyline of the North’. Visit.

Recently I saw the first part of Scorsese’s Hugo (in parts… is my movie watching getting just as patchy as my reading? Gosh). Great. The Scorsese movie I did manage to watch multiple times, unfragmented, is Taxi Driver. My favorite. The story, the shots, angles, quotes, atmosphere, acting, topics, themes, anything. Ask Wim.

For some time now I have been wondering what it would be like to only listen to the sound of this movie. The sun is out here in Brighton – none of the dreadful English weather I was walking in when this idea popped up, no rain to wash all this scum off the streets – but I do enjoy listening to this movie very much. It is like a slow-paced radio play with your favorite actor and none of that studio stuff. Listen:

If you listen to the score by Bernard Herrmann you go back and forth from one theme to the other. If you listen to the complete sound track ripped form the movie, you’ll find the perfect balance between Bickle’s thoughts, the dialogues, street sounds and music. Only now I realise that Director Scorsese probably knows this, closes his eyes and listens before sending a movie off.

Download here & drop me a comment. Any requests?

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Mina Witteman at Literary Death Match

Mina Witteman – or rather BT Mama Mina –  is about to slaughter some riff-raff writers. Amsterdam has the Literary Death Match coming up where she will read her upcoming YA Thriller Weed Man out loud to shout down daring authors and win this verbal dispute.

As we quote Mina’s Ring Entry Song…

How you gonna come?
With your hands on your head
Or on the trigger of your gun


December 1, Smart Project Space, Arie Biemondstraat 105-113, Amsterdam NL

More info & tickets here.
Former LDM authors on iTunes – Free Podcast



Booktunes at Zwarte Gat Festival

Friday October 28th: Zwarte Gat Festival 2011. DJ Dirk Diggler will carry the Booktunes flag and get the people dancing after an evening crammed with words by Sterre van Rossem, Martijn Simons, Renske Jonkman, Pepijn Vloemans, Olga Kortz and Lotte Hoogzand.

If you happen to be in the Amsterdam Area, pop in at De Kring to enjoy free literature & music. Hosted by Booktunes favourite Maurice Seleky!

Planning :
1. Literature
2. Live Music
3. Party

Early: Sterre van Rossem, Martijn Simons, Renske Jonkman, Pepijn Vloemans, Olga Kortz and Lotte Hoogzand.
Late: Steyne
Later: Dirk

More info:
Free: Entrance, Drinks
Facebook: Zwarte Gat Festival



Fresh Writers Night 2011 – Jonge Schrijvers Avond 2011

Friday October 7th: Fresh Writers Night 2011. DJ Dirk Diggler will carry the Booktunes flag and get the people dancing after an evening with promising Dutch talents such as Daan Heerema Voss, James Worthy & Anna Drijver. A perfect Amsterdam get together in the beautiful Stadschouwburg, hosted by Booktunes’ favourite Maurice Seleky.

A few years back I was at Daan’s place and had a look at his amazing Dylan collection. We all know James Worthy is backed by the Top Notch family. Anna Drijver put a lot of Doors & Jackson in her debut novel Je Blijft. And Diggler is Amsterdam’s No.1 eclectic alternative hiphop dance rocker avant la lettre.

Have fun tonight guys, cheers from Brighton!
Veel plezier vanavond jongens, groeten uit Brighton!


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Booktunes DJ gigs

When starting this new venture it never occurred to me that I would probably end up at the same spot I tried to move away from: Behind the decks. With vinyl. At the party.

I am not too worried about it though. Always thought it was cool, it pays some bills, plus I am good at it. And when I get hired as ‘that Booktunes guy’ people expect me to play tunes completely different from the ones I used to play (and of course still do). Not that I could battle with Jules Deelder, but nowadays I play some decent jazz – a pretty new genre to me. Dirk Diggler backs me up when pop or rock songs fit better.

Last week Booktunes played music at Selexyz Scheltema during the Amsterdam Book Night, this week I will represent at the Nerd Nite in CREA. Since there is no real book & music connection here I am at a loss here and don’t know what tunes to play!

Featured speeches are:
Weekend Heroes – about role-playing games
How do you weigh a neutron star using a clock?

My contribution:
A book geek playing tunes with a laptop and controller only. No vinyl or CD’s.

Which reminds my Jahtarian friend Jan aka Disrupt… hey I could play his tunes for geeks who liked this previous post! But do let me know if you have any nerdy suggestions.

See you at CREA!
April 21
Nerd Nite

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Fresh Writers Night – Jonge Schrijvers Avond

Friday the 17th of December 2010, in fact the perfect Friday for a Christmas drink, CREA Amsterdam presents the new generation of Dutch writers at their Jonge Schrijvers Avond. A fresh writers night, hosted by Maurice Seleky, deejayed by Booktunes.

Of course I already knew which records to bring to a Seleky party since his Ego Faber features on the Booktunes website. Interested in the musical taste & thoughts of the other authors I asked them some questions. Now I know what they like, why, if and how music is being represented in their work. Plus I know what tunes to play.

Most young writers have favourite tunes that make them happy. Rachel Visscher enjoys ‘The songs that we sing’ by Charlotte Gainsbourg, Maurice likes ‘Someday’ by The Strokes because of its happy melody and cynical text, and points out that the reader of his debut novel can find similarities in subject matter.

Olga Kortz thought it was strange to ask writers about the relation between their musical preferences and their work. Maybe she took it too serious, claiming that when a writer tells that Pete Doherty is of a big influence it would say that she is a genius too. Could be. I didn’t agree but we ended up joking because of her sudden change of music she would like to hear on the 17th:

11 Dec:Me: ‘What tune would you like to hear?’
OK: “Rude Boy’ by Rihanna because I guess I could use one’
Me: Ok!
12 Dec:
OK: “Children’ by Robert Miles’
Me: ‘Ok?’

Martijn Simons listens to Coltrane while writing and is clear about the relation between jazz and his work: It is not there. His favourite tune changes like the weather. This week: Coltrane’s ‘Syeeda’s Song Flute’ because it is playful, surprising, thrilling and funky – like a good jazz tune should. Cool, but our hope for some Friday nite dupsteppaz starts to fade away with the echo of the sax.

Iris Koppe has a favourite new Roots track called ‘Now or Never’. She would definitely like to hear this band on a young writers night too. More hip-hop by Kanye West is found Martijn’s more modern playlist, the up tempo rock stuff comes from Rachel and Maurice.

We were ashamed when Anna Drijver herself had to tell us that she published a complete playlist in ‘Je Blijft’. The debut novel of this promising actress will be discussed on Booktunes soon; she showed some interesting insights about literary references to The Doors, Satie and Michael Jackson. Again we ended up joking about Michael Jackson. In a good way. She challenged you and me to stand still while his tunes are on. Quite impossible on a Christmas get together.

Download the favourite tunes of the fresh writers here.

See you at CREA!

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