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Knopf & Tunes – now Easton Ellis crew unite

While I was not guarding the Booktunes backdoor – Tuesday’s are my Freshcotton days – publisher Knopf managed to make a nice page about the music in some of their books! Great, while producing T-shirts for the coolest book & music fest in Holland, it became clear to me why Knopf / Random House does not respond to my emails about our plans on the soundtrack to Jennifer Egan’s A Visit From The Goonsquad.

The one thing I worry about, is the fact that their 8tracks collabo offers a way to listen to the songs directly. At Booktunes we are currently racking our brains on this one. Should we go for streaming audio, online radio, logon to Spotify or stick with Steve?

One of the many things I do not worry about is the quality of the Booktunes content and the way it adds to the info that is already online. One of the things we should never worry about is a big publisher that, after giving positive response on our site where we discuss some of their titles, sets up a lame Booktunes alternative. Please Knopf, reply my last mail and let’s work on something better.

Okay, one more thing I do worry about: They do offer soundtracks to Easton Ellis’ books, we don’t. Maurice warned me, Ytje warned me.. but hey we are just too late. And that was exactly what Mina and I have been working on this afternoon: streamlining the Booktunes site & crew.

Join the Easton Ellis crew and write up some worthy articles on his books!


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