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Booktunes applies for Rockstart Accelerator

rockstartacceleratorJust in time. Working under pressure has never been a problem to me. And to call this easy sunday of reformatting text and rerecording Youtube vids stressful would be exaggerating. Crazy last minutes though as developer Anthony Stone and I found out that we both had to apply. By then, it was 23:34 and the Rockstart Accelerator door was about to close.


Now that all the pitch talk and business planning is done and the pressure is gone I might just take my time to get back to what I like best: Sharing music and find relations from one book or tune to the next. And yes I poured myself a nice UK size glass of liberating French wine… yesterday I lost my day job so who cares.

Lately I have been listening to quite some oldies. One of the albums I really enjoyed was a compilation of tunes selected by Dutch singer Caro Emerald, featuring Della Reese’s 1960 up tempo version of “Why Don’t You Do Right”.

Original by Lil’ Green (1941):

Big tune and pre-original by Harlem Hamfats (1936):

Do the lyrics of this last one refer to my Booktunes ambitions? Download all three & wish me luck!

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