2nd Thoughts on Booktunes, future, shoppe

Online-Shopping-iconYesterday I chatted away, first with Wim at MOVIE★INK. over coffee, later with my wife over a nice meal. I went to Wim to work on his website, so we ended up talking about what to do with and expect from a niche website that is a combination of articles on a certain subject (his being movie posters, mine being literature) and an online shop. With Rose I talked about maybe going back to University and put my brains to use.

At the moment my options regarding work are a bit limited. I won’t get into details here with you, but painting or spending my days behind a computer both won’t do.

After joining the Putty Tribe, I got fairly enthusiastic about doing all sorts of things including the rebuilding of my Booktunes project. Emily & her posse make a welcoming online community that is both inspiring and motivating. Putting her book on how to build your own Multipod website to use, I came up with a fresh view on the core for the future Booktunes: a Readers take on Exploring / Expression / Inspiration / Quality.

So far regarding my new angle, about the common denominator for all articles to be published on Booktunes. With that I wanted to add an online shop selling literary merchandise that would be related to the articles published on the site. Only the best literature related gadgets from all over the world. Think T-shirts by Out of Print, Dodocases, Penguin mugs & such, Original Booktunes wear. I really felt like going for it, with a large list of ideas & items!

Now, after a few weeks away from my laptop, doubts start to creep in. Or maybe discussing the matter again with Wim & wife made me realise how running a web shop does not really fit with who I am, where I am at, where I want to go.  Investments, a decent margin, supply, marketing, promotion, social media… all things that in some way do not work for me now. And, more important, focusing on the future, maybe not the stuff to fully realise my potential.

According to my lovely wife Rose I would feel at home in the academic world. The way I think and work, my ethics, ideals, views… If there would ever be a moment in my life when I should choose between living my life as it goes (moving from one job to the other, being bored but kind of ok, without feeling too much stress and excitement), or finding a challenge that ultimately adds some depth to the things I do, discuss, put out… then that moment would be now.

I will talk about it with my brother tonight and get back to you and myself. And that is a promise, to you, my parents and myself. Thanks.

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