Booktunes DJ gigs

When starting this new venture it never occurred to me that I would probably end up at the same spot I tried to move away from: Behind the decks. With vinyl. At the party.

I am not too worried about it though. Always thought it was cool, it pays some bills, plus I am good at it. And when I get hired as ‘that Booktunes guy’ people expect me to play tunes completely different from the ones I used to play (and of course still do). Not that I could battle with Jules Deelder, but nowadays I play some decent jazz – a pretty new genre to me. Dirk Diggler backs me up when pop or rock songs fit better.

Last week Booktunes played music at Selexyz Scheltema during the Amsterdam Book Night, this week I will represent at the Nerd Nite in CREA. Since there is no real book & music connection here I am at a loss here and don’t know what tunes to play!

Featured speeches are:
Weekend Heroes – about role-playing games
How do you weigh a neutron star using a clock?

My contribution:
A book geek playing tunes with a laptop and controller only. No vinyl or CD’s.

Which reminds my Jahtarian friend Jan aka Disrupt… hey I could play his tunes for geeks who liked this previous post! But do let me know if you have any nerdy suggestions.

See you at CREA!
April 21
Nerd Nite

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