Friends with Records – DJ’s with Books

Last week saw the NL release of the Serge Gainsbourg biography by Sylvie Simmons. Of course DJ Guuzbourg – known for playing French tunes and making great compilations – was playing at the release party. To my surprise he also wrote the foreword to the Dutch edition of the book. Très cool.

The week before I was eating at Damir’s family home. We had delicious pasta and shared our thoughts on his club called Stalker and my Booktunes project. Later his wife DJ Kriz joined the table to confess she would love to write a piece on some musical Penguin Classics!

This week it will be a round the table with Mark Soest aka Mataklap. Intended as a soirée de dj’s to exchange the latest ruffest choons I guess we will be talking books too: Mark already sent me a link to this promising title and promised to write an article!

I am a DJ myself and, after a year of full time booktuning, I must say I am happy to be back behind the decks! According to myself I guess one thing can’t go without the other. According to all of us I guess we know what a good friend really is: a friendly person with records, laptop, books and a boombox.


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